How do we make burgers this good, this fast?

The uniqueness of a Smashburger starts even before we get to the smashing, when we shape fresh 100% Certified Halal Angus Beef into plump meatballs.

When you place your order, we spring into action. We paint the grill with real butter and perfectly place the meatball. And when the moment is right - smash! (Point of interest: we invented the smashing tool ourselves and it's so fresh it doesn't even have a name yet. We just call it the smashing tool.)

We then add a dash of our secret spice blend while the smash caramelizes the beef, creating a sear that locks in the juices as no other cooking method can. The result is a burger that's more tender and flavorful than anybody else's.

Add the freshest toppings, flavorful sauces and a butter-toasted artisan bun, and the Smashburger is now a work of smashed-to-order perfection. That's true whether you choose one of our signature creations or invent your very own, right on the spot.

Now that you know what goes into a Smashburger, you'll understand why we need a couple minutes to bring it out. And why we say Smashburger is smashed fresh, served delicious!


At Smashburger, we believe in ingredient excellence. From our smashed-to-order burgers, to our tender chicken, signature sides and handspun shakes, you can count on fresh and high-quality food. View our nutritional information here. Or, if you have any questions regarding our food or service, please contact us at feedback@smashburgerkw.com